Consistently Financing the Vacation Ownership Industry since 1981
Charlottesville, Virginia •

About Us

Wellington Financial has consistently provided financing to the vacation ownership industry since 1981. Irwin LePow founded Wellington Financial to fill the void for lending and financial products specifically tailored to the needs of timeshare developers.

Through our history, we’ve worked with many of the major industry lenders in our role as a bank correspondent, specializing in timeshare finance. Since 1995, we have worked with Liberty Bank as their exclusive Resort Finance correspondent to create a dedicated timeshare lending program, expanding the bank’s then-existing timeshare program to include acquisition, development and construction lending.

Both Wellington Financial and Liberty Bank have each financed the timeshare industry continuously for over 40 years. Through recessions, bubbles, double-dips, and everything in between, we’ve remained consistent in our financial support of the timeshare industry through all of the economic booms and busts. Our industry experience affords us a unique vantage point, allowing us to leverage our know-how to properly structure loan facilities and underwrite risk. Through our relationship with Liberty Bank and other financial partners, we provide competitive loan terms and flexible structures.

Our lending programs not only include the typical receivables hypothecation financing programs, but also other loan or finance products such as acquisition, construction, and renovation financing. Not only can we offer all of these loan programs at attractive rates, but we bring substantial lending capacity to the table. Of course, because we began as and still continue to be a lender exclusively focused on the vacation ownership industry, we are attuned to the particular challenges, needs and concerns of new, growing and seasoned timeshare developers. Visit our Press Room to see some of our recent work.